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Gervasio Goris

In 2001 Gervasio Goris was 26 years old. He had graduated from college and opened a recording studio in his old parent’s house, in Buenos Aires Argentina. During the recording of his band’s fourth album, a huge political crisis hit the fan. ” I remember watching the social unrest on TV, just a few miles from the recording studio while doing the solos for Scherzo’s song Hoy es el fin”, says Gervasio from his current North Miami residence. ” It was surreal, recording in an enclosed space while out there people where dying and rioting”. After this political turmoil and some serious consideration Gervasio thought it was time to move on, to follow the steps of his family that had previously moved to Miami. This was a pivot point in Gervasio’s life.

He packed his recording gear, his guitars and a solo album he recorded in 2002 before leaving his home country. All his belonging went aboard a 40-foot sailboat that his father had built in the 80?s. Aboard this sailboat he had the most amazing 95-day adventure that prepared him for his new life in the U.S.A. Upon arrival he decided to start from the ground up and make a name for himself in the timid Miami music scene. He created his own label,Neworld Records and released “Little Boy” in November 2003. At that same time he met an Argentinean girl that would eventually become his wife and mother of his kids. The “little boy period” faded into a more mature period for “Herbieman”.

“I think of Herbieman as my alter ego, my creative self. It is me and it is also the name of the band that performs my songs”, says Goris. In 2004 he started working on music for advertising where he sung and composed for many successful advertising campaigns. He once again reopened a commercial studio, only to find out that what really made him happy was to record and perform his own songs. In 2007 he started recording the base tracks for what would eventually become his second solo album: “Together”.

Gervasio explains that “the new songs talk about a new period in my life, a period when one realizes that life has a different plan than what we originally had dreamt about. And that this plan is even better than the one we were originally dreaming of.”

With many changes going on in Gervasio’s life, the album took 5 years to produce, edit, arrange and finally mix. The result is a very personal approach on the transition of a person from young adult to responsible father.  The new album consists of thirteen songs that talk about love, doubt, rejection, rage and the desperate need to share one’s life with another being. In essence it talks about the constant struggle of a man “to-get -her”.

In 2012 he released the new album “Together”  on the Neworld Records label, that now also sells and distributes music for many other Latin American artists. His new live band has presented the album in several venues in South Florida to making sure Herbieman’s music lives on.


Little Boy ( 2003)

Live at Churchill’s ( 2007 )

Little Boy -Remix (2011 ) 

Together ( 2012 )

Over Me – Remix (2012 )

Live at Luna Star Cafe ( 2012)


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